John D Allison

2nd LT, Co. E, 102nd Illinois Infantry Volunteers

Mustered to service 1 Jun 1862, Mercer County, Ill,  at age 40 as Sergeant, promoted to First Sgt and then 2nd Lieut. by Gov of Illinois at Gallatin, Tennessee.

102nd went to Tennessee in 1962 and wintered in Gallatin, TN.  They spent most of their time protecting railroads in that area.  In August 1863 they were ordered by Gen'l Granger to mount five companies of the 102nd Regiment by taking horses suitable for the purpose from the disloyal citizens in that vicinity, which was soon accomplished and then they were furnished with Spencer's Repeating Rifles.  This Regiment became notorious, even among the rebels, as the most effective fighting regiment in that branch of the army.

The unit remained in Tennessee until February 1864.

John Allison resigned  his officer position 5 Mar 1864.   His wife died of typhoid fever while he was at War and he petitioned the Army to release him early to care for his children.

John came from Ireland to Pennsylvania in the 1830s with his family and later moved west to Illinois.  He married Martha Jane Lane and they had 4 children in PA before moving to Illinois where they had four more.

Born  1 Feb 1821   Died 24 Dec 1867  Buried at Norwood Cemetery, Mercer County, Ill.

Brother of Samuel S and Steel Allison - Civil War veterans

Find a Grave - Veteran marker.

2nd Great Grand Uncle of Camp Member- Robert Wrigley


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