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John W Lord

Enslistment: 7 May 1861, US Marines
Discharge: 3 Aug 1865

John W Lord was the tenth child of James and Betty Lord and was born in Philadelphia on September 22, 1839. James Lord, his father, had a woolen mill in the Wissahickon area of Philadelphia and sold woolens to the Union during the Civil War. His son, John, enlisted in the Marines on May 7 1861 and was discharged on Aug 3 1865. From his enlistment papers I know that he was 5 foot, eight inches tall, with a "florid complection", hair color "dark" , and eye color "grey". After the war he married Jane Putreel ( Jan 1 1866 ) and they had four children including my grandfather John W Lord 2nd. My great grandfather's name is listed on a Civil War statute in the Germantown Section of Philadelphia and he is buried in the Leverington cemetery in the Roxborough area of Philadelphia with other family members, his grave has a US Marine marker. As far as I know he was a private during his entire service. He died of military tuberculosis and his widow collected a military pension.

As an aside his middle name "Whiticar" was in recognition of George Whiticar who was a partner of James Lord and sponsored his U.S Citizenship application. Sept 17 1830. There are five direct descendents with the John W Lord name.

Until recently I had his original enlistment and discharge paper ( he was paid $53.29 when discharged) along with his match box holder which I donated to the Marine Museum in Quantico Va. I have included his picture which was taken on his joining the GAR.


Submitted by Robert Broadbent, 26 Jan 2012


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