Michael Fisher

Private, Company K, 116th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers

Mustered In: 13 Feb. 1865, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania

Mustered Out: 25 Aug. 1865, Portsmouth, Virginia

michael fisher

Michael went into the war just after the first peace conference failed - the war continued. On March 4, 1865, President Lincoln was inaugurated for another term. In April 1865, Grant's forces began general advances and broke through Lee's lines. Lee surrendered on April 9, 1865. President Lincoln died April 15, 1865 from the bullet shot by Booth. In May 1865, all Confederate forces surrendered. The victory parade was held in Washington D. C. to boost the Nation's pride on May 23/24, 1865.

Michael was wounded near Petersburg, Virginia on May 18, 1865. He was discharged on a Surgeon's Certificate. Michael received his wound while he served under Captain John R Weltner.

Michael was born in 1828   and died in 1900   



SUV Mt Union Church Camp # 502

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